The Total Cost Of A Passport
 There are passport fees that an applicant must pay based on the type of service that he or she is requesting and how he or she really needs the travel document as soon as possible. If that is the case, the cost of a passport can be from 15 dollars to several hundred dollars. Click  to get more info. This article will give you a breakdown of the fees that you are going to pay if ever you plan to get a passport.

110 dollars is the application fee for an adult that will be requesting for a passport. The fee will not change whether you will be applying for a replacement for a lost passport, stolen, damaged, or a new one. While the application fee for a minor that will be requesting a passport book is 80 dollars. You should know that passport cards would cost less. The adults will be paying 30 dollars for a passport card while minors will pay only 15 dollars.

Both adults and minors will be paying an execution fee of 25 dollars every time they will submit a DS-11 form. The fee will be paid to an agent where the application will be submitted. This can take place in a regional agency or a local application acceptance center. An adult will not be paying an execution fee if he or she will be applying for a passport renewal.

A fee of 150 dollars will be payed by an applicant who will not be able to submit and evidence of his or her citizenship upon request. This will be for the files search of the previous passport of the applicant or for the Consular Report Birth Abroad.

Take note that there are only 16 visa pages in a passport book of 24 pages. This might not be enough number of visa pages that will be able to last the length of the validity of your passport if you will be traveling a lot. You might need to apply for more visa pages for your passport book. And you will be paying a fee of 82 dollars for this service.

Passport services that will not require any fee are the name change if ever the request will be made within the year form the date the passport was issued. You will also not be paying any fee if you are required to apply for corrections on data errors in your travel documents.

You can also request for expedited service if you will need the processing to be done in 2 weeks or even less. And this service will require and addition of 60 dollars for the fee. Click to get more info. You should know that same day services are only available in regional agencies. You can submit the application by yourself or you can request for a professional expediting service that will do the process for you if ever you are living in another country or you are busy. The passport fees that are mentioned above came from the most recebt scale of fees from the agencies. Learn more from